We are perhaps the best EPC company in India

With our unique processes and laser focus on quality, we believe we are the best EPC company in India - if not, we are on the path to become so.

Custom design for every project

Unlike one size fit all approach, we treat each project unique with dedicated team to assess, design and manage the project. Crafted by best engineers on the planet

Options that fits your needs

We take vendor neutral client-centric approach. You get what fits your expectation, pocket and space. Dabun intends to be your honest friend always at your side

4 Decades of Legacy

We are in Power Systems field for last 42 years. We have adapted to customer's requirements all these years. While there are lots of things that changes with time, there are few things that remains the same and will ever remain so. Honesty, transparency, ethics, values are few such things that makes solid foundation for a long lasting business.

Lowest Cost Guarantee

Due to economy of scale, we are able to strike rock bottom deals with supplier's on your behalf thereby giving you prices that you will get no where else !!!

what we do?

Site Assessment And Design

The process starts with site assessment by our experts. We believe that every site and every customer is different. And each requires personalized attention. That is why the first step in the process is customer meet followed by a thorough site assessment. The assessment is based on our years of expertise and the industry best practices that ensures that there are no nasty surprises later on. A detailed assessment report that details out the shadow profile of the surrounding, appropriate angle of solar panels, aesthetics of building and so on is submitted to the customer. This also has options available in market, our recommendations on build of structures and price guidance for customers to make and informed decision. ​


Construction of Solar Power Plant begins immediately after go ahead is received from customer. It usually takes around 30 days for the material to be built, procured, installed and tested before being handed over to the customer.

Post Sales Support

We provide customer post sale support in case something goes wrong. The guarantee/warranty applicable is that of individual manufacturers – but we stand by your side for troubleshooting issues and coordinating resolution. The customer feedback also circles back to the ecosystem and good response by individual brands is rewarded by higher rating in our system and vice versa.​

Why Go Solar

33.3% returns

When Fixed Deposit gives you not more than 5% return on investment, Solar Plant gives you 33.3% cumulative return in first 3 years. Jumps to an astounding 90% in next 5 years.


1 KW solar saves 154+ trees and prevents 20+ tons of CO2 emission.

Plan-B Against Power Cuts

Sun is now your power generator. Do not worry of long or short power cuts any more.

Success Stories

Another 2 kVA Solar Set Installed

Dabun Installation of 2 kVA in Banka District
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1 kVA Solar Set Installed

Installation of 1 kVA Solar Power Plant at ultra remote village - Rangra near Khagaria Border.
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Another Solar Plant Installed

Dabun team goes extra miles to help you with the Solar Plant installation.
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2 kVA Solar Set Installed

Dabun team installed 2 kVA set on my rooftop. Very happy with the installation. Team is very knowledgeable and helpful...
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5 kVA Solar Set Installed

Dabun installed a 5 kVA Solar Set at my site. The team was very methodical and professional in their approach....
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