DABUN EcoPack-675/200/160-I Rooftop Solar Unit

40,000.00 30,000.00

Power just enough for small households with couple of fans and LED lights. The package includes

  1. 675 VA UTL Shamshi inverter: 1 Piece
  2. UTL 200 AH Battery with 3 years warranty : 1 Piece
  3. 160Watt Solar Panel : 1 Panel
  4. Wire 2.5 mm x 20 mtr
  5. Mounting Structure: For 1 Panel
  6. Installation

Not Included:

  1. Civil Work for foundation
  2. Internal wiring inside building

With this you can run household appliances like (4) fans (4) LED bulbs. The backup will last for around 4 hours. The solar input will be around 100 watt. To get maximum output, two additional panels can be added that will generate 200 watts of additional electricity.

Extra cost for installation and transportation outside of city limit (on actual)


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