UTL Gamma Plus 1000VA/12 VDC

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Gamma Plus is a 1-KVA rMPPT based solar inverter available in both 12V and 24V variant. With proprietary rMPPT technology (an improvement over well-known MPPT technology and patent has been filed by UTL for this), the inverter dynamically adjusts to varying voltage due to change in intensity of sunlight – this generates approximately 30% more power from the same solar panel than normal solar inverters. Traditionally, MPPT has been used more for commercial and industrial purpose.

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    • DSP base design built in MPPT solar charge controller
    • Most advanced LCD features
    • Capability of 100% panel rating
    • Compatible with all PV arrays having different no. of cells.(36 cell/60 cell/72 cell)
    • High efficiency MPPT and Inverter


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