UTL HELIAC 2550 – 70A/24V

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Solar Home PCU (Heliac) is a solar hybrid inverter which utilizes both the Solar Power and Grid Power to charge the batteries with giving priority to solar power. Solar power is of the first priority while charging. This means that when Solar power is available, the batteries will be charged with it only, irrespective of whether Grid power is available or not. It is designed to give you the maximum advantages from the Sun and thereby reduces your Electricity costs.

Heliac Home PCU has the following advance features like PWM solar charge controller, Most advanced Multi Color LCD Display, Maximum preference to solar, Built in IT Mode etc.

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Preference to Solar Power over Grid Power

Home PCU gives first priority to Solar power over Grid power during charging. It means that when Solar power is available, the batteries will be charged through Solar Power whether Grid Power is available or not. It goes to Grid power only when Solar Power is unavailable. Thus it helps in reducing electricity costs along with keeping the environment clean.

Can be operated without Solar Panel

Home PCU can be operated with or without Solar Panel. The user can use Home PCU as a regular inverter without bothering about use of solar power. Whenever the user feels that solar power would be beneficial, he/she has to just install a Solar Panel and then derive the benefits of Solar Power.

Any Battery Option

Home PCU from the house of UTL has the intelligent feature to recognize the type of battery connected to it. It may be an ordinary battery or a branded one, a tubular battery or a sealed one. No matter what the type, it auto adjusts the battery’s charging characteristics accordingly. Even those batteries which cease to go over 13.5V after a while of use work flawlessly with UTL’s Home UPS.

Extensive Electronic Protections

There are a number of protections that the Home PCU ensures. It stops reverse current flow from battery to solar array, it provides load short circuit protection, and it provides Battery/Panel reverse protection through DC fuse and Overload protection also.

Affordable and easy to install

Home PCU is extremely easy to install and is available at a very low budget. It also helps in reducing the electricity costs. This means double advantage for the customer. Thus, it is an ideal product for present day and age.

Compatible with IT Load

IT loads which provide protections to IT instruments like computers, printers etc. In IT mode the change over time is very less so that there should not be any kind of breakdown in power supply.

Operating Mode Selection

PCU Mode    – Priority   Solar →Battery → Grid
Smart Mode  – Priority   Solar → Grid → Battery
Hybrid Mode – Priority for load   Grid →Solar →Battery,
Priority for battery charging    Solar → Grid

Compatible with DG as an input Source

The frequency of DG output is a very vital parameter that always varies. And if the system is in DG enable mode then the system will be compatible to take any of the frequency as the input source frequency.


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